Keeping up with economic news and data is key to successful currency trading.

Reports like non-farm payroll, retail sales index, and consumer confidence index all have the power to move the markets, and it’s important for traders to know what to look for when data is released.

In this webinar, Malte Kaub will help you learn how to identify the most important news events, how to connect news with technical analysis, and how to adjust your trading during highly volatile economic events.

Malte Kaub_PictureDownload the slides to learn:

  • The most important news events to watch
  • What a macroeconomic news framework is
  • How to connect news with technical analysis
  • How to adjust to high-volatility trading events


Malte Kaub is a finance professional with more than 10 years of deep experience in trading. His expert knowledge and network have compressed the learning curve for traders of all experience levels

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